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The Best in the Business

An assorted bunch of peeps that have all come together to work towards one goal, taking care of all you needy, hungry, craft beer loving people. Seven days a week these folks step up and bring you our beers, other peoples beers, our eats, among many other things. The group we’ve put together shares your same love for craft beer.

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Who are you? Dustin Larson

And what do you do? General Manager / Person that handles matters around the place that has stuff and things and people

What’s your favorite BBB beer? Ginger. All time favorite. Dark Ritual, gives it a run for its money though.  Talk about bold flavors.

You’ve been here how long? Just about 6 years.

Why are you so “special”?  I’m not…  Just ask the staff

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Who are you? Scotty Lytle (aka Kermit)

And what do you do? Assistant to the General Manager / Guy who makes sure the GM does his job and fixes all his mistakes / Merch Queen

What’s your favorite BBB beer? I’m not the kind of guy who can settle for picking just one…  Ok fine, I like End of Days.

You’ve been here how long? Since before it was even a thing to work at a brewery in Fort Collins.

Why are you so “special”? I’m Black Bottle’s most experienced barback, turned bartender, turned manager, turned merchandise manager.  I’ve touched many areas around these parts, and plan on touching many more.

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