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Now meet the FNG(irl)

If you’ve been in to Black Bottle Brewery in the past three years then there is a great chance you’re already familiar with a special lady named Colleen.colleen

Having been a part of the BBB family from day one, Colleen has earned her keep and then some. Working as a server and bartender since the doors opened, you most likely saw her smiling while slinging drinks during the days and selling those lunch specials to people all over the restaurant. And if you’re in often enough you may have noticed that she’s not around as much…

Well, good things come to those that wait and Colleen waited around long enough to earn herself a new role as our “Beverage Betty”. With her years of experience working in the industry and plenty of knowledge to go around, she’s now out an about wandering the lower half of Wyoming, introducing our northern neighbors to all that is Black Bottle Brewery. As our lead lady for sales in Wyoming you’ll find her stopping from town to town, making sure to hit every watering hole and liquor store she can find until the good word has been spread.

Should you happen to see her out and about be sure to say hi! And if you care to know a little more about our “Wyoming Wrangler” you can check out her profile right here!