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Let the powers combine – Ass.(istant) Brewers Collab is here!

Creativity sometimes takes a back seat to keeping up with demand, but recently we granted a group of Assistant Brewers creative freedom for a day to brew whatever their hearts desired.

So, Grant Hargrove (Snowbank), Kyle Loewe (Mcclellan’s), Eric Brooks (Verboten), Titus Bentley (Horse & Dragon), and our very own Chase Moore, put their heads together and came up with a not so traditional recipe.

The crew came up with a recipe based off of a cream ale and Ca$h Me Ousside, How Bow Dah? is mostly made up of American Pale malt and a little flaked corn to add a touch of flavor. They then chose to use both Kolsch and Lager yeasts for fermentation. It sat fermenting at Kolsch temperature (63 degrees) for the first few days to form some esters and phenols, and was then later dropped to Lager temperature (55 degrees) to allow it to finish up nice and clean. German Saaz hops were used for bittering, and while fermenting at Lager temps it was dry-hopped with South African Southern Passion hops for flavor and aroma.

The end result: a golden pour with a bright white head, pleasant fruity aroma with slight grain and corn undertones, and a medium body. All in all, an easy drinking beer at 6.5% that has a full fruity aroma and dry aftertaste.

Job well done.

Keep an eye out for the next batch of this series, dubbed the Regional Brewer Collab, to come out in a few months!