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Why You’ll Love Our Restaurant in Fort Collins

As if it wasn’t enough that we brew fantastic craft beers, we also create some pretty delicious craft eats as well. As we offer variety and flavor in our craft beers, we offer the same for our food menu as well. We’ve got everything from chips and salsa to pineapple upside down cake. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, something savory, something fatty or something healthy, we have the variety and flavor on our menu to appease any appetite. Take a quick look to see what our restaurant in Fort Collins has to offer you.


Best Lunch Special in Fort Collins

Come in for lunch during the work week (Tuesday thru Friday) between 12pm and 3pm and you’ll find we actually offer a pretty great and affordable lunch special that everyone will love.

  • Step One: Choose Two Sliders
  • Step Two: Choose a side of Waffle Fries, Cup of Soup, or a Side Salad
  • Step Three: Choose one Black Bottle Craft Beer or Soda
  • Step Four: Awe at the price of only $12 for this harmonious and delicious combo
  • Step Five: Come back again for some more great eats!

When we say we offer a multitude of tasty eats, treats, and all things delicious, we truly mean it. Whether you’re looking to grub out for dinner or lunch, want to get a great pairing of food and beer, or simply want a nice salad to tide you over for a bit, our restaurant has something for you.
Come on down and join us for a meal or four. Get to know us, our craft beer, our restaurant, and expand your palette if you want. No need to make a reservation, we like to keep things simple around here so just pop on in. We’d love to see your face!