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Han Silo has arrived.

We’ve been around the block a time, or three, and we are excited to have completed our fourth expansion.

Our new shiny toy sits out front, greeting us every morning, or afternoon, orrrrr whenever we show up. Always smiling, waving, and happy to see us, it sits there in ginormous fashion, just waiting to serve up grain in to our mash tun. Mmmmm it’s a real beaut!

Standing over 20 feet tall, and weighing in at 4,405 lbs. when empty and up to 59,105 lbs. full, this new silo has brought a lot of new joy in to our lives in the few short weeks it has been here. With the new addition comes many great things, from simplifying the brewing process to saving us space in the brewery, the 4th expansion has made a great first impression. Not to mention the sexy curb appeal it adds, or the 100’s of extra barrels of beer we’ll be able to brew all thanks to its efficiency. Soon our new piece of equipment will be helping us pump out more of your favorite BBB beers so you don’t have to go through withdrawals anymore.

The brewers will save their backs and you’ll have more beer.

Amen to that!