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Fresh hops are the best hops!

Just two weeks ago we received a shipment of just over 50 pounds of fresh hops from our friends at Hydro Hop Farms, which we immediately threw into the boil of our latest IPA, Hydroponics.

As most of you may know a majority of beer brewing is done with pelletized hops due to their efficiency and year-round availability. However, when hop harvest comes around and we’re able to get our hands on some fresh hops off the bine, we are all about it. Cause lets be honest, there’s just something about filling large bags full of hops and tossing them in to the kettle that gets us all fired up!

Hydroponics, our latest fresh hop IPA, will be released this Saturday, August 13th, and boy are you in for a real treat. Having received one of the freshest shipments of hops ever, we took the Centennial, Chinook, and Columbus varietals, and loaded them in to our copper kettle within the hour.   The aroma throughout the brew house was what hop lovers dream (or drool) about. One week later we decided to add a little more and tossed in another round for a little dry hop action.

Now, what we’ve all been waiting for. It made its way to the brite and finally into kegs just today, so tomorrow we can all enjoy it. With huge hop aroma and flavor, Hydroponics goes down real nice.

Remember, the fresher the better when it comes to IPAs!