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Let the powers combine – Ass.(istant) Brewers Collab is here!

Creativity sometimes takes a back seat to keeping up with demand, but recently we granted a group of Assistant Brewers creative freedom for a day to brew whatever their hearts desired. So, Grant Hargrove (Snowbank), Kyle Loewe (Mcclellan’s), Eric Brooks (Verboten), Titus Bentley (Horse & Dragon), and our very own…

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Our 4th Anniversary – It’s December and we’re getting older!

Four years old to be exact. Seems like just yesterday we were…. Just kidding, we’ll save you the cliché saying. But really though, we are excited to still be alive and well for four years and running now! It has been a wild ride. Having dropped what was comfortable to…

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Help us, help Torin, fight cancer!

A few months back we received an email from a young lady named Molly, who was reaching out to us with a good friend of hers in mind. You see, her friend Torin was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma, a rare form of brain cancer, last December and has been receiving…

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Another successful outing at the Great American Beer Festival!

Just like years past, the Great American Beer Festival came and went before we knew it. With so much to do, brewing the beer, packaging said beer, submitting the beers, attending/planning events in house and out and about Colorado, we had our hands full the last few months. And in…

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Fresh hops are the best hops!

Just two weeks ago we received a shipment of just over 50 pounds of fresh hops from our friends at Hydro Hop Farms, which we immediately threw into the boil of our latest IPA, Hydroponics. As most of you may know a majority of beer brewing is done with pelletized…

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