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Black Bottle Brewery x Moe’s Original BBQ Beer Dinner = Success

Wow. What an evening!

First of all, thanks to all those who came out to join us! Second, a HUGE thank you to Ted Schneider and his crew for putting together the most amazing meal for our guests!!

BBB - Moe's Dinner Nook and Ted

Just a few months ago it was small talk, and next thing you know it all came to fruition. Our first beer dinner at Black Bottle Brewery in over 2 years was completely sold out, and a real treat for all of those who were able to join us. Forty special guests enjoyed a night filled with a “Welcome Beer” (a strawberry iced Friar Chuck) and six courses, each paired with one of our very own Black Bottle Brewery beers. Many an “ooooh”, “ahhhhhh”, and “damn that’s good” could be heard throughout the night, and possibly a “Don’t tell my mom, but these are the best deviled eggs I’ve ever had.” Sorry, Mom.

BBB - Moe's Dinner strawberry iced friar chuck    BBB - Moe's Dinner bacon and eggs pork belly salsa verde liquid metal    BBB - Moe's Dinner duck schnitzel

Beer and food spoke for themselves, and when the people finally quit stuffing their faces and spoke for themselves we found there was a mixed bag of emotions for fan favorites. However, the “Angry Elf Cheeks” (paired with Angry Elf) and the duck schnitzel (paired with Scuba Steve) were probably the frontrunners when it came to the food portion of the dinner. Though the “Bacon and Eggs” (smoked pork belly topped with salsa verde and accompanied by a deviled egg) was pretty damn amazing too. And for the beers, the PDA (paired with a roasted potato soup and fontina fritter with lemon) and The Last Unicorn (paired with a stone fruit custard and cardamom shortbread) were given high praise. There really wasn’t a bad bite/sip the entire night, except for the very last one.

BBB - Moe's Dinner crowd 3 3.2.2016      BBB - Moe's Dinner stone fruit custard with Last Unicorn

BBB - Moe's Dinner crowd 4 3.2.2016      BBB - Moe's Dinner crowd 2 3.2.2016

We hope to plan a few more of these special events this year so keep your eyes out for the next one!

Until next time.