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You’ll find these suds around the brewery and accounts. These beers keep the lights on if you know what we’re sayin’.

Our Craft Beer Staples

Our flagship micro beers offer some of the best flavors beer has to offer. Our Friar Chuck, Scuba Steve, and There Goes the Neighborhood, are all great for all beer lovers to try. We love making craft beer, and our love shines through in these tasty crafts. Whether you’re looking for something fairly light or something super flavorful, our flagship beers give everyone a great place to start when visiting our brewery.

  • Friar Chuck

    Friar Chuck

    German Kölsch * 2015 GABF Bronze Medal
    30 IBU’s ABV 6%

  • Scuba Steve

    Scuba Steve

    Underwater IPA
    66 IBU’s ABV 6.6%

  • There Goes The Neighborhood

    There Goes The Neighborhood

    Belgian Rye Saison
    33 IBU’s ABV 7.3%


This is just a nice way of saying “We get bored and need to mix things up every now and then”. But really, as seasons change so do beer styles, so we’ve devised a plan to bring you some of our creations at different times throughout the year.

Seasonal Craft Beer from Black Bottle

Every brewery in Fort Collins has their staples, but they also have their seasonals as well. As the seasons change, so does the demand for different flavors and bodies to match that season. Our master brewers at Black Bottle Brewery have created a few seasonal microbrews that will have you begging for more come the new season. You’ll be wishing the time for those brews never ended, so make sure you get those growlers filled as much as possible.

  • Zero To Tooty Fruity

    Zero To Tooty Fruity

    Kettle Sour – [Mar-May]
    30 IBU’s ABV 5.9%

  • Tropical Depression

    Tropical Depression

    Coconut IPA – [June-Aug]
    60 IBU’s ABV 6.3%

  • Belgian Tripel

    Belgian Tripel

    Belgian Tripel *2016 GABF Silver – [Sept-Nov]
    24 IBU’s ABV 9.5%

  • Static Age

    Static Age

    Hazelnut Breakfast Stout – [Dec-Feb]
    33 IBU’s ABV 6.5%


These are some gangsta ass beers we sometimes brew. No rhyme or reason.

Craft Beers from our Cellar

Like we said, for no reason other than for the love of craft beer, our brewery came up with these microbrews. Some are high gravity, some are low, but we can guarantee all of these brewskies are delicious. Whether you fancy yourself a tart sour, or the chocolatey, rich flavors of a stout, we have something for you. This is what craft beer is all about, so come and get you some.

  • American Graffiti

    American Graffiti

    American Sour;
    ABV 7.3%

  • Aviation Cocktail

    Aviation Cocktail

    Black Rye IPA
    65 IBU’s ABV 8%

  • Carlos


    American Brown Ale
    37 IBU’s ABV 7.5%

  • Death From Above

    Death From Above

    29 IBU’s ABV 5.5%

  • End of Days

    End of Days

    American Pale Ale;
    35 IBU’s ABV 5.3%

  • Floozy


    Belgian Wheat
    16 IBU’s ABV 5.9%

  • Ginger


    American Red Ale
    36 IBU’s ABV 6.9%

  • Hipster


    American IPA
    50 IBU’s ABV 6.2%

  • Just a Minor Threat

    Just a Minor Threat

    Imperial IPA
    60 IBU’s ABV 11.6%

  • Liquid Metal

    Liquid Metal

    Imperial Rye Stout
    59 IBU’s ABV 9.2%

  • Mom, the Meatloaf!

    Mom, the Meatloaf!

    Sour Brown Ale
    ABV 8.2%

  • Nook


    Single Hop Chinook IPA
    35 IBU’s ABV 7.1%

  • Random Hero

    Random Hero

    Collaboration with Black Listed member.
    Styles vary.

  • Shameless


    Dry Irish Stout
    31 IBU’s ABV 4.2%

  • ShhhShhShhShhhh


    Sour Red Ale
    ABV 8.8%

  • Social Insecurity

    Social Insecurity

    Belgian Session Ale
    30 IBU’s ABV 4.9%

  • The Last Unicorn

    The Last Unicorn

    Tart Cherry and Raspberry Lambic
    ABV 9%

  • The Ripper

    The Ripper

    Imperial IPA
    106 IBU’s ABV 7.5%

Craft Beer from Black Bottle Brewery

If you’re looking for breweries near you and have been depriving yourself of the high-quality flavors and full-bodied beer that Black Bottle has to offer, then get yourself to our brewery as soon as possible. Bike, foot, car, or bus will get you here, so there’s no excuse. You owe it to yourself to enjoy the micro beer this brew mecca has to offer.