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St. Patrick’s Day with BBB, away from the craziness, kinda…

Corned brisket. Irish Stout. Irish Whiskey. Check, Check, Check.

Often known for our antics and shenanigans, the St. Patrick’s Day holiday tends to bring a bit more out in us… I mean you… Either way, we’ll be in the Irish spirit this weekend!

First things first, we’re releasing our seasonal beer Shameless! It is a dry Irish stout served on our nitro tap that pours out nice and black in color with a thick foamy head. The waterfall action on this one as it settles up is top notch. You’ll find it roasty and rich in flavor, and goes down real smooth. Mmmmmmm.

Though we won’t be participating in the St. Patrick’s Day parade this year, we will still be hosting a great after parade party. And by party we mean you’re more than welcome to escape the madness that is/will be downtown Fort Collins before/during/after the parade. No sense in battling to find a parking spot for your car (or bike if you’re enjoying the gorgeous weather) downtown, or wait in long lines to get in to bars. Our giant parking lot has plenty of room for your vehicle, our bike racks are huge, and lines to get in aren’t a thing around here. Your problems, solved.

It wouldn’t be a St. Patty’s Day celebration without some sort of corned beef with a nice Irish Stout/Irish Whiskey to wash it all down. So we’re going to whip up some corned brisket sliders (braised in Shameless) for this weekend’s festivities, which you’ll need to pair with our beer cheese soup that has also been infused with Shameless. Your Irish meal isn’t complete unless you’ve indulged in at least one beer and a bit of Irish whiskey. This is where you insert a Shameless and a little Tullamore Dew to pull it all together.

Oh and we’ll be giving out some swag from our friends at Tullamore Dew!  Koozies, shirts, shot glasses, and more!

St. Patrick’s Day Specials at a glance:

  • Corned brisket braised in shameless w/carrots and cabbage. Served w/ horseradish cream sauce. $3.50/ea
  • Shameless Nitro $5.00
  • Tullamore Dew $5.00
  • BBB Bomb (Drop shot of Tullamore Dew and St. Brendan’s into Shameless) $5.00

Time to get luckin’ crazy!

PS:  We love and accept ginger’s 365 days a year.