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2016 Cerealiously Madness begins, soon!

We’ve heard what cereal you’d put in our Cerealiously… Well now is your chance to help us choose!


March Madness isn’t just for college basketball anymore. Though we love watching the endless amounts of exciting games, we wanted to add a little madness of our own to the mix this year. That being said, we’ve created a bracket with a few cereal options for our next Cerealiously release. We’ve inserted a few favorites from the past and added some we have heard requested about a hundred billion times. And, if your cereal choice isn’t listed… Sorry, we’re not sorry. Save your idea for next time and shoot it our way!


Mmmmmk so here’s how this is going to work…


The bracket will be released shortly (hopefully next week). From there you’ll have the chance to fill out a bracket just like you would for the NCAA’s March Madness tournament, choosing the cereal you think will advance to the next round and eventually picking the champion. Voting for Round 1 of Cerealiously Madness will begin on March 15th and a cereal Champion will be crowned on April 9th.


You might be wondering, “What’s in it for me besides choosing cereals???”   Well there’s a prize waiting for 2 lucky contestants. The person with the most points (see point explanation below) at the end of Cerealiously Madness will win a $100 BBB gift card, and the runner-up will take home a $50 BBB gift card. Should there be a tie we will randomly draw names out of a hat.


Here’s a break down of the rules:

  • Fill out your 2016 Cerealiously Madness Bracket, keeping in mind who you think will win, NOT who you want to win.
  • Turn in completed bracket to BBB staff member with all info filled out BEFORE MARCH 15TH.  Yes, ALL of it.  We have to be able to contact you if/when you win!
  • Cast your vote online on our Facebook page (
    • 1st Round – 3/15 through 3/19
    • 2nd Round Pt. 1 – 3/21 through 3/26
    • 2nd Round Pt. 2 – 3/28 through 4/2
    • 3rd Round/Championship – 4/4 through 4/9
  • Points will be tallied after all polls have been completed and a cereal (champion) has been crowned.  The person with the most points wins.
    • 1st Round – 1pt per correct pick
    • 2nd Round – 2pts per correct pick
    • 3rd Round/Championship – 3pts for correct pick
  • In case of a tie, we’ll host a jousting battle (JK, we’ll have a random drawing with all qualifying participants like mentioned above).

march_madness small bracket form

Let the madness begin!