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Shark Week at our Brewery!

Of the many great things about summer, Shark Week has to be one of the best. If you were ever afraid to go into the water, then shark week won’t help you. If you’re one that welcomes the thrashing of these bad-ass, saltwater creatures and a little bit of violence, then shark week is definitely for you.

If you’re  someone that loves to drink beer and watch shark week, it’s important that you know you have a like-minded friend in Black Bottle. We too love to drink beer and watch shark week and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store for the 2017 edition of this week-long, television event.

Why are we so excited you ask? Well, Shark Week in itself is awesome, but this year’s week long celebration of sharks also celebrates one other thing. THE MOST DECORATED OLYMPIAN OF ALL TIME. That’s right, Michael Phelps: the human shark. Both carnivore and water beast, Michael Phelps will meet his saltwater counterpart in a race to the death. Just kidding, but he will be racing a great white shark in one of television’s greatest events ever held, period.

Get ready, because The Discovery Channel isn’t the only one that has awesome things in store for shark week. Our craft brewery also has kickass things in store for the week of July 23 through July 30th. Take a look here.

Our Restaurant Menu for Shark Week


Choose from Chesapeake Bay or Hurricane Harbor, it’s up to you. Our Oysters will be available all week at $2.50 a piece.

Shrimp Cocktail

A classic appetizer loved by many, Black Bottle brings to you a delicious twist on a classic “cocktail.”
Our shrimp cocktail comes with your typical cocktail sauce and your not-so-typical cajun remoulade. It’s delicious, it’s simple, and it goes great with our beers and cocktails.

Oh, how we love the flavors of the sea combined with the freshness of avocado and cilantro. This citrus shrimp dish is served with some tortilla chips for the ultimate experience in dipping.

Shark Bait Tacos

The best thing to happen to tacos is achiote marinated yellowtail. Top that with some spicy slaw and a pineapple salsa and finish it with a cilantro lime crema and you have a dynamite taco in hand.

Left Shark

Dance to your own beat with this tasty cocktail. Made with New Amsterdam Pineapple Vodka, real coco puree and a splash of pineapple juice, this refreshing drink is great for the person that does what they want. Oh, and it comes with a little shark gummy for garnish. Get your left shark on!

Chum Bucket

New Amsterdam Citron Vodka combined with Don Q Coconut Rum, blue curacao, a dash of lemon juice and a spritz-o-Sprite, this tropical cocktail will have you feeling saucy enough to go back in the water. Finish with a strawberry chum and you’ve got the perfect drink for shark week.

What Else Are we Serving Up for Shark Week?

We’ll have our delicious line of draft beer ready for your enjoyment for the whole week. Though, some beers are better to drink this week than others.

Scuba Steve, our delicious and well rounded IPA is one of the most sensible and great tasting beers for Shark Week and always. Why is it perfect for this time of year you ask? Well, we’re glad you asked. It presents plenty of citrus and floral notes that every IPA drinker (and even those who aren’t) loves and adores about this type of beer. Balanced by caramel and toffee, this IPA is one of the best to hit craft brewing in Fort Collins.

Another great beer option for this special occasion is the Doby Session IPA. This refreshing, summertime IPA is a bit calmer than our Scuba Steve and easier to drink in the sunshine as well. It’s nice and bitter like you would expect from an IPA but also presents grassy and piney notes in the mix. To balance it out, you can taste biscuity malts as well.

Everyday of Shark Week graces us with gripping anticipation, killer thrashing, and pure fear in all of the best ways. We thought we would celebrate the amazing television event that is Shark Week by giving the beer and food lovers of Fort Collins something a little different from our kitchen and bar.

Enjoy Shark Week at the Best Brewery in Fort Collins July23rd – July 30th

If you’re looking to switch up the monotony of routine, come down to Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins to try our delicious new menu for a limited time. From the bomb tacos and ceviche we’ll be serving up to the specialty cocktails we’ll be slingin’, you’ll have found your new home for shark week viewing pleasure. Come check us out today and introduce yourself to Scuba Steve and the rest of our draft beers!