Black Bottle brewery offers a wide array of our own beers, guest taps and a nice bottle selection. for your drinking pleasure. To find out whats on tap now, check out the list below. For a list of all of the beers, check them out below as well.

On tap

Our Beers



A super cool, Regular IPA with skinny jeans, crooked glasses and a bike that belonged to their grandfather type of beer.

6.0% A.B.V. 55 IBUs

Social Insecurity

This single malt, low alcohol Belgian session Ale has crazy Belgian yeast esters. It truly showcases the complexity that less ingredients can have. The Belgians Monks drank beers similar to this, as opposed to the stronger beers they were producing for sale, to prevent them from getting too hammered.

4.9% A.B.V. 31 IBUs

Roll Down the Windows Dad, Smoke Lager

A very dark lager, brewed with both German and American Malts. Be careful – smoke pours out of the glass, so cover the smoke alarms. The extreme malt background hides the smoke when sipping. This beer is very crisp, complex and smooth.

8.7% A.B.V. 28 IBUs

Bugger Off

Anarchy in the UK, but in AMERICA? An English style IPA but better.

7.5% A.B.V. 122 IBUs

La Migra

An agave wheat brewed just in time for Cinco De Mayo. American wheat with the heart of Mexico xoxoxoxoxoxo.

7.0% A.B.V. 17 IBUs

Friar Chuck

My Dad’s beer. It’s a Kölsch…duh!

6.0% A.B.V. 30 IBUs

Anarchy Porter

Hold the government. Ass kicking, coffee and cocoa nib porter for the people.

6.5% A.B.V. 45 IBUs

I’m Barley Wine

American style Barley Wine with english MALTs… CRA CRA……

8.0% A.B.V. 38 IBUs

Recession Proof

A recession strong, ass-kicking Porter for the people.

6.5% A.B.V. 45 IBUs

Liquid Metal

A heavy metalesque, loud and malty Imperial Rye Stout. This beer hates you and always will. It pours like motor oil and drinks like the strongest black coffee you have ever had, with a twist of chocolate to make it nice.

8.0% A.B.V. 70 IBUs

Dirty Hippy

The Dirty Hippy is a very cloudy and dirty wheat beer. Makes you want to say, “take a shower hippie”. With this beer, the hops punch you in the mouth. It is very aromatic and fruity with a nice bitter finish. Yes, hippies can drink this too.

6.2% A.B.V. 41 IBUs

Hopelessly Devoted

A Petite Saison that make you really happy… Duh…

4.7% A.B.V. 28 IBUs

Kentucky Waterfall

A very light Belgian Blonde Ale for people with mullets and/or also like Nascar. This little beer is more geared toward people who are scared of craft beer, but will please anyone looking for something a little lighter.

6.1% A.B.V. 21 IBUs

Just a Minor Threat

I-Perial-A that makes a grapefruit dance party in your mouth… Better brush your teeth…

12.5% A.B.V. 70 IBUs

Ahhh you again

A very nice, highly addictive, RYE IPA. If a crack dealer was dealing beers, he would slang this beer because it will hook you.

8.4% A.B.V. 51 IBU

There goes the neighborhood

A Rye Saison, with a very complex maltiness and great yeast characteristics. This beer is one of our favorites and is nice to drink anytime of the day. Very crisp and highly carbonated/foamy, so wipe your mustache.

6.2% A.B.V.


American Red, this beer is hoppy and has no soul…

6.9% A.B.V. 36 IBUs


Single hop IPA with Chinook hops. This is Nook’s beer…DUH.

6.3% A.B.V. 43 IBUs

Joy division

An English style brown. Drink it before the Queen gets a DUI … Cheers.

5.5% A.B.V. 18 IBUs

Holy Shit Double wit

A double wit with a shit load of booze and spice.

9.8% A.B.V. 39 IBUs

Youth Brigade

Stupid huge IPA with west coast wallop in your face. ALSO cleans floors really well.

11.5% A.B.V. 98 IBUs

Flemish Fury

A dark saison. If cats could drink beer, they would sell this at there cat liquor stores.

8.5% A.B.V. 40 IBUs

Sour Ales

We will be producing several different sour ales for all you puckers out there.

Specialty Series

The Random Hero series

Beers brewed and developed with customers in the community.


Find our beers at some of these fine establishments:

Fort Collins

Ace Gillets
Austins American Grill Harmony Rd
Austins American Grill Mountain Ave
Beau Jo’s
Blind Pig
Blue Agave
Cafe Vino
Cheeba Hut (Taft Hill)
Choice City Butcher & Deli
El Monte
Famous Daves BBQ
Fort Collins
Garlic Knot
The Crooked Cocktail
Jax Fish House
Jays Bistro
The Kitchen
Lucky Joes
Matador Mexican Grill
Moes BBQ
Mulligan’s Pub
Old Chicago
Paddlers Pub
Pickle Barrel
Road 34
Steakout Saloon
Surfside 7
The Boot
The Colorado Room
The Forge Publick House
The Hilton
The Laboratory
The Lodge
The Marriot
The Mayor Of Old Town
The Whiskey
Trailhead Tavern
Uncles Pizzeria
William Olivers Publick House


Arena Sports
Highland Meadows Golf Course


Bent Fork the Grill
Blue 32
Embassy Suties
Grandpas Café
Henrys Pub
Old Chicago’s
Pour House
Wapiti Colorado Pub


Wellington Grill

Estes Park

Casa Grande
Cheesy Lees
Eds Cantina Grill
Lake Shore Lodge
Poppy’s Pizza
Rock Tavern
Rocky Mountain Park Inn
Smoking Daves
The Stanley
The Wapiti


5th Street Bar
65th Ave Wing Shack
A.F. Rays
Burn Out Bar and Grill
Cables Grill
Cheba Hut
Lit’l Bit Bar and Grill
Mad Cow
Moxi Theater
Old Chicago
Penalty Box
The Crvsh Room
The Tavern at St Michael’s


Homemade Liquids and Solids
Joe’s of Longmont
Old Chicago


Pizza Bar 66
Smoking Daves


Backcountry Pizza
Fate Brewing Co.
Old Chicago
The Kitchen Upstairs


Cedar Creek Pub


Ale House at Amato’s
Breckenridge Colorado Craft
Denver Bicycle Café
Ernie’s Bar
Falling Rock Tap House
Fire on the Mountain
Historians Ale House
Hops & Pie
Illegal Pete’s
Kaos Pizza
Lucky Pie
Rack House
Renegade Publik House
Session Kitchen
The Lobby
West End Tap House


Stapleton Tap House


Lucky Pie
Lulu’s BBQ


Cheeky Monk
Red Robin


Floodstage Ale Works
Georgia Boys

Wheat Ridge

Colorado +
Right Coast Pizza


Old Chicago
World Of Beer

Cherry Creek

World of Beer


Brown Dog Pizza

Crested Butte

Ginger Café
Iron Horse Tap


RNR Sports Bar
Suds and Grub

Liquor Stores

Find our bottled beers here:

287 Discount Liquors
3 Rock Liquors
Aggie Liquors
Atlas Valley Wine and Spirits
Brix Wine and Spirits
Bullfrog Liquors
Campus West Liquors
City Park Liquors
Colorado Liquor Mart
Coral Bay Wine and Spirits
County Line Wine and Spirits
Fish’s Liquormart
Fort Collins Liquor Warehouse
Liqour Max
Liquor Kabinet
Market Place Wine and Spirits
PJ’s Wine and Spirits
Pringle Brothers
Ram Liquor
Rambo Liquors
Ridge Liquors
RJ’s Wine and Spirits
South Boulder Rd liquor
Summit Wine and Spirits
Supermarket Liquors
Twin Peaks Liquor