about us
Started as a hobby, now we’re here.

Black Bottle Brewery first opened its doors back in December of 2012. After home brewing for years Sean Nook, the founder and head brewer, pulled a group together to make it a way of life. And why call it Black Bottle you might ask? Cause’ calling it any other color of bottle just wouldn’t sound as cool.

Located in the heart of Midtown Fort Collins, CO. Black Bottle Brewery not only brews awesome beer in its basement but offers a full food menu through its restaurant. With 40 taps we offer a wide selection of our own pride and joy but don’t shy away from opening up our taps to our friends around the industry. Bringing in national favorites such as; Firestone Walker, Jolly Pumpkin, and Deschutes, plus you’ll often find a few taps pouring beers from international breweries. In addition, our coolers are always stocked with a crazy good selection of 30-40ish bottled beers. And if you feel like kickin’ old school, you can ask for that 40oz of Old E in a brown paper bag. We won’t judge, promise.

For those who don’t care for craft beer, we’ve got you covered. Our full bar has a wide selection of different spirits including; meads, wines, and liquors. Like our beer selection, we focus on putting craft spirits on our top shelves, with local whiskeys, gins, and vodkas from our friends at Feisty Spirits, Leopold Bros., and Breckenridge Distillery.

Our kitchen serves up delicious small offerings from our tapas style menu. You can pick at some chips & salsas (from Rocky Mountain Salsa Company), a meat and cheese plate or the crowd favorite, topped artichokes, while sipping on a cold one. For those in need of a little more to eat we’ve got flat bread pizzas, a delicious bacon mac’n’cheese, and tons of slider options. We’ve got awesome seafood and salad options for all the veggies out there too!

Our mission at Black Bottle Brewery is to create world-class and unique handcrafted ales and lagers. Going against the grain of the traditional craft brewing industry, BBB prides itself on the use of radical ingredients, brewing styles, and techniques. You’ll find nothing ordinary about our beers, or our staff for that matter.

BBB is devoted to providing a unique and innovative drinking environment, enhanced by great food. We are committed to sourcing food and ingredients locally, thus giving back to our community. BBB’s staff focuses on customer education and great service, and we employ only those who share our passion for high-quality beer and food. We also heard cattle…