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Black Bottle Brewery

Est. 2010

Black Bottle Brewery first opened its doors back in December of 2012. After home brewing for years Sean Nook, the founder and head brewer, pulled a group together to make it a way of life. And why call it Black Bottle you might ask? Cause’ calling it any other color of bottle just wouldn’t sound as cool.

Located in the heart of Midtown Fort Collins, CO. Black Bottle Brewery not only brews awesome beer in its basement but offers a full food menu through its restaurant. With 40 taps we offer a wide selection of our own pride and joy but don’t shy away from opening up our taps to our friends around the industry. Bringing in national favorites such as; Jolly Pumpkin, Sierra Nevada, and New Belgium, plus you’ll often find a few taps pouring beers from international breweries. In addition, our coolers are always stocked with a crazy good selection of bottled beers. And if you feel like kickin’ it ole school, you can ask for that 40oz of Old E in a brown paper bag. We won’t judge, promise.

- The Brewers -


Assistant Brewer

Meet the newest addition to our brewing team, Chase. He has been a part of the BBB fam for a little over a year and has excelled in every area he's touched, including his recent run in the brew house. A true showing of dedication and hard work paying off.

Sean Nook

Founder and Brew Master

Sean Nook, founder and brew master, grew up in Fort Collins and has continued to dig his roots deeper and deeper into the area over the years. Getting hitched to his high school sweetheart, Erin, 10 years ago, the two have since started a family AND a badass brewery.


Head Brewer

Tom is the head brewer at Black Bottle where we make just about every style of beer, and some that are nowhere near any style! He has brewed just about every style of beer there is, and loves all the various styles and histories of them.